MBSE and Netflix

Bring to Light

Bring To Light - Trainee Lighting Technician (two year fixed contract)

Overview and pre-qualifications

The Bring to Light trainee programme has been created by MBSE and Netflix to offer a route  into the film and television lighting industry. The programme is designed for enthusiastic, pre-qualified people, from a diverse range of backgrounds, who are seeking the industry specific  knowledge and experience to begin their career, either as a film and television electrician or in one of  many specialisations within this field.

The safety of all trainees and anyone affected by their actions is of paramount importance. As  such, a pre-qualification criteria has been set, stipulating that all potential trainees must have  a level two electrical installation qualification, demonstrating that they are competent to work safely with electricity and have a knowledge of the associated characteristics and risks. 

The majority of the time spent with MBSE will concentrate on becoming familiar with over 4000 product lines which are regularly used, in endless combinations, on lighting sets.

In year one, trainees will work throughout MBSE’s specialist departments, learning the terminology, techniques and information which will provide a solid understanding of equipment types, the role of accessories, the kit building process and the correct, safe operation and application of each item. This will continue in year two, plus the trainee will be able to spend time working in an electrical department on one of Netflix’s shows at Shepperton studios.

Trainees will also gain invaluable knowledge of professional conduct within the workplace and  will acquire additional vocational training opportunities, such as PAT test qualifications, Health  and Safety training, manual handling training etc.