Projects Co-ordinator

Job Title:         Projects Co-ordinator
Reports To:      Strategic & Operations Director
Department:    Operations

You will play a key role as required and/or identified by you or for you with future project development of Systems/Processes/Procedures throughout the business with the objective of helping to make the business more efficient and effective. These Projects can be new or continuous improvement of current Systems, Processes and Procedures.

Your Objectives Key Results (OKR) succuss, and measurement will be very visible by your introduction, implementation, and the ongoing use of these future Project Developments of Systems/Processes/Procedures. Key focus in your role is about “Making A Difference” and “Making It Happen”.

Below are seen as the Key Stages to follow for your Project Development (but not Limited) and where appropriate strict Documentation Controls are required:

  • Ideas Generation – By you or by Others, all to be logged, date/time/who, Summary of Project/Status (New/WIP/Rejected/Completed/Released), and to include a feedback loop
  • Scope – To include in a summary presentation of the Idea ie, Beginning, Middle, End
  • Specification – If scope is approved, then full detail (to avoid Feature Creep scenario) to be constructed using appropriate software packages for presentation for internal communications and for external Developers
  • Design /Architect – Working closely with Developers on the design/architect of a Project, sticking closely to the agreed Specification along with Costs and making sensible, practical, and cost-effective compromises of behalf of the Company – seeing an opportunity when/where possible to reduce cost with no reduction in Quality of the Project or to its detriment
  • Manage – Close Management of the Project with a documented schedule (example, Gant Chart) and where required progress chasing/meetings to meet the schedule.
  • Test – To Test/Check/Confirm/Verify throughout the Project at appropriate stages or as/when to ensure that all has been delivered and works as expected/intended.
  • Final Approval for Release – To confirm ready for approval, present for approval and once approved arrange for Release with any Release Notes.
  • Training – To provide Roll Out Training to Management/Supervisory/Key Staff and to also provide the tools required so they can carry out/action training for their Teams of people, current, ongoing, and future.


  • Responsible to: Strategic & Operations Director.
  • Responsible for: Themselves and occasional Suppliers/Contractors/Visitors/Third Parties who may attend an MBSE-UK location at their request.
  • Liaise with: MBSE-UK Directors, Management and Employees, MBSE Employees in Worldwide locations, MBSE associated Companies, Third Party Suppliers, Contractors, Developers.

Key Responsibilities
Essential duties and responsibilities include but not limited to the following. Other duties may be assigned from time to time of which you will be advised accordingly:

Productivity and Quality

  • To take ownership of your work, in that the work completed achieves the defined timescale and is carried out satisfactorily with the use of self-inspection methods to ensure that stringent quality demands are met on each occasion.
  • To continually be open and willing to differing defined working practices within the Department to enable improvements in individual productivity levels and the performance of the Department.
  • To participate if requested in Company or Departmental projects and improvement initiatives as assigned and furthermore pro-actively communicate any constructive productivity improvements or cost saving suggestions for the Department or the Company to your direct Line Supervisor/Manager/Director.
  • To focus themselves on maintaining/improving their levels of Output of work and Quality of work produced while maintaining attention to detail.
  • To challenge all aspects of the process and procedures daily, proactively within the Department to find effective and efficient ways of improving the Department, Company.


  • Training could be as an example, in Person or via Microsoft Teams to a group or an individual.
  • Prepare, Document, Arrange and Train “Management/Supervisory/Key Staff” with a “Roll Out Training Programme/Session” for the introduction of a new Project/System/Process/Procedure.
  • Ensure that all your “Roll Out Training Programmes/Sessions” have Documentation Controls on original version, if/when updated and are always current for immediate Roll Out Training Programme/Session.
  • Train to ensure that “Management/Supervisory/Key Staff” are then in a position to Train their current and future Teams using the prepared “Roll Out Training Programme/Session”.
  • Be prepared to carry out Training to any new “Management/Supervisory/Key Staff” as and when required.


  • Arrange and where required lead meetings/conversations with Stakeholders and Key Staff regarding an agreed new Project/System/Process/Procedure to Brainstorm Thoughts & Ideas, Understand and/or derive a process, collate information for presentation and as/when required follow up meetings/conversations to conclusion.
  • Meetings need to be warranted, productive and where necessary for history, bullet point notations with action points for any individuals.

Documentation Controls 

  • Any Project/System/Process/Procedure must always have Documentation Controls.
  • The bare minimum for Documentation Controls that should be visible within a Project/System/Process/Procedure are a Full Date and Revision (with a letter/number).
  • Changes made to Documentation Controls should always have a noted summary record of what those changes were along with being appropriately filed and to be available if requested.


  • To be a clear, confident, precise communicator, whether written or verbal or in person, at all levels within the Company and outside the Company.
  • To be prepared and comfortable to speak with Directors, All Staff, Suppliers, Contractors, Developers etc.
  • To prepare and distribute to an agreed circulation a Monthly Project Management Report regarding all work in progress Project/System/Process/Procedure with their status.
  • To manage the Optrax Issue Active Log by keeping it updated, circulated as required and ready for any meetings as required.
  • To be prepared and produce (if/when required) and/or maintain reference Optrax, any Charts, Logs, Stats used in a management process on a Weekly/Bi-weekly or Monthly basis.
  • To manage the RTPro Task Request log by keeping it updated, circulated as required and ready for any meetings as required.
  • To be prepared and produce (if/when required) produce and/or maintain reference RTPro any Charts, Logs, Stats used in a management process on a Weekly/Bi-weekly or Monthly basis.

Design & Security

  • To ensure that with the Design of a Project/System/Process/Procedure that we always build in, simple Key Performance Measures (KPI) to allow Management to easily ascertain that the Project/System/Process/Procedure in use is efficiently and effectively working.
  • Always ensure that we build in for the appropriate Project/System/Process/Procedure the appropriate level of Security and Resilience and involve MBSE UK IT Department and/or its associated/partner IT Provider.


  • To be familiar (and to enhance current levels of understanding/expertise) and use with and/or be prepared to receive Training at any point in time on the below Systems, Software.
  • Rental Tracker Pro (RTPro)
  • Optrax
  • Access
  • Web Software (as an example Alpha)
  • Apps
  • Delphi
  • Sharepoint
  • Word
  • Excel
  • Power Point
  • Power BI
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Other Microsoft Packages


  • To be prepared and comfortable when required to visit or work in other Worldwide MBSE locations when there is a need to for fill their job role.
  • To be prepared and comfortable when required to visit or work in other Suppliers/Subcontractors/Developers/Third Parties locations when there is a need to for fill their job role.


  • To always provide ongoing support to “Management/Supervisory/Key Staff” regarding any Project/System/Process/Procedure that you have implemented.


  • Confidentiality is a key requirement for this job role and if it any point of time of uncertainty then seek immediate clarification from your direct Line Manager.
  • In your position you will be working on several Projects, Systems, Process, Procedures which must remain Private & Confidential.
  • For the avoidance of doubt and to ensure Confidentiality is always adhered to, then all the Projects/Systems/Process/Procedures that you are/may work on must remain as Private & Confidential.
  • Establish with your Direct Line Manager and note at the start of each Project/System/Process/Procedure who you are authorised to discuss with in any detail, shape or form to avoid any breach of Confidentiality.

Attitude, Flexibility & Adaptability

  • In this role you will be representing the Company both internally to colleagues and externally to suppliers, developers etc. You must therefore always represent the Company to a high standard, setting personal levels of professionalism and always putting the good of the Company first.
  • Need to have a positive/constructive professional, “will do – can do” working attitude/approach to the work and their working colleagues.
  • To be a self-motivated, reliable, flexible, and hardworking individual who will be able to work in a challenging, demanding, and high-pressured environment. Who will also understand the importance of and being able to promote, encourage teamwork within the Department and throughout the Company.
  • To ensure that they are competent in being able to handle rapidly ever-changing demands and being able to adapt to differing or additional working hours, if required and on occasions at very short notice.
  • Need to be able to follow a defined working shift pattern (subject to changes) for the Department, however, must be able to work additional or varying hours at short notice to meet the needs/demands of the Business.
  • To achieve individual adaptability within your department and be willing where the opportunity presents itself to work in other Departments within the Business where you can do so.
  • If and when required to work and or assist in other Departments within the Business where you are already trained to do so and/or capable of doing so ie Sales Representative, Account Handler, Sales Administrator etc.
  • You may at times be “on call” whether it is in or out of your normal expected working hours.

Human Resources

  • Ensure that for the requested task given that you have fully understood what is expected and have been fully trained for the task so you can effectively achieve the expected levels of productivity and quality within safe working practices.
  • To effectively communicate to your direct line Supervisor/Manager/Director any employee related or training issues which require appropriate attention.
  • To ensure the department maintains the expected high levels of performance regarding timekeeping/attendance.
  • To ensure self-discipline within their functions is always upheld.

Company Duties

  • All Customer communication, as an example, telephone calls should be referred to the Sales Office in the first instance unless it is part of your expected responsibilities. Where, appropriate you should make the Sales Office aware of such communication. At no time should we discuss equipment stock levels or equipment strategy with Customers or other persons outside of the Company.
  • Ensure understanding and compliance to all documented/verbal, Company and Departmental procedures, work instructions or defined processes.
  • Ensure, through management and example, safe working practice within the Department you are working in of which this includes any Home Working.
  • Maintain an understanding, in order that you can ensure compliance, of Health and Safety requirements as they apply to Departments or an area that you are working in.
  • To bring to the attention of your immediate line Supervisor/Manager/Director, any work hazards or activities that may put yourself or others at risk.



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